ZTE Blade V8 Pro – A Long Battery-life Phone with Fun Camera

ZTE Blade V8 Pro – A Long Battery-life Phone with Fun Camera

The ZTE Blade V8 Pro is a long battery-life Smartphone having a fun camera with efficient trick and comparatively cheaper than other mid-ranged phones. Beside of these two special features, it comes with a nice display, two cameras with good performance. A good thing is that the phone is available within US$230. Its nice duel camera offers some better options having fun with your images. It’s better than the US$ Dollar-worthy LeEco Le S3 and a good competitor of the Moto G4 Plus.

ZTE Blade V8 Pro – A Long Battery-life Phone with Fun Camera

Other Features of the ZTE Blade V8 Pro

Here is the description of some other features and specifications of the ZTE Blade V8 Pro.

Nice Display and Heavy in Weight

The ZTE Blade V8 Pro is built with sturdy solid with nicely trimmed materials. You will like the most its display that comes with a resolution of 1,080-pixel. The design of the display is sharp as well as responsive too. It will provide you brighter and clear images and videos while them swiping through. But, the handset is not slim enough. It’s heavy with a 6.5 ounce weight and you can feel your pocket heavier with it.

Fun Tricks with Two Cameras

A camera of the handset works fast and gets sharp images. It will impress you with the low-light environments while taking an image in the evening scene of a lake. The image was comparatively clearer without a huge roughness or digital relic. Its front camera is an 8-megapixel for great selfies and back one is 13-megapixel shooter. Its cameras do nicely good jobs to highlight the functions of the dual-camera adding the option of video setting along with the standard photo menus. There are three options like Monochrome, Bokeh and Monocolor and the options of Monocolor and monochrome offer you selective colors and black-and-white photos. The option Bokeh replicates depths-variation of the field like the traditional big lens.

Performance & Battery Life

The Snapdragon 625 processor of the phone is common in the midrange smartphones. The device is ticking with smoothly in the speed. There are some common commands such as swiping screen the home page, launching apps and scrolling down websites. It has some limitation or lack to perform like slight beat down on its camera. The performance of the handset beats out and alters the Moto G4 Plus. But, the ZenForce 3 and Le S3 is outpaced this one of the various tests. It ran 9 hours and 53 minutes in the benchmarks of the video playing test.


The significant features of the ZTE Blade V8 Pro are less expensive, budget phone within US$230. But, it’s better than it competitors like Le S3 or Honor 6X with the specifications of nice cameras, big 5.5-inch HD screen and a fingerprint reader. This one is more than common midrange smartphones with some other features like long battery life, sharp design and many more. It can cover up your most expectations among midlevel budget. It’s also a good selection of the GSM networks like T-Mobile and AT&T.

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