Traveling to Japan - An Excitement of Modern & Ancient Fascination

Traveling to Japan – An Excitement of Modern & Ancient Fascination

One of the world’s top travel destinations with a mix of ancient and modern excitement is Japan. It’s uniquely combined with modern and traditional technology constructions through many temples, buildings and other structures. The Japanese culture and history make impressed its visitors as they are openly remaining for the purpose of public amusement. Japan’s natural beauty lingers all the year round. Moreover, Japan’s crime rates are lowest among other countries of the world that’s made it ideal for tourists.

Traveling to Japan - An Excitement of Modern & Ancient Fascination

Some Top Rated Cities and Places in Japan

Japan is located in the Pacific Ocean as an island nation consisting with imperial palaces, dense cities, and huge quantities of temples and shrines as well as mountains national parks. There are so many excitements waiting for you, so let’s get packed in Japan.


Tokyo is the capital city of Japan with a mixture of modern urban and traditional life and the most famous traveler destination in the world. The Sensoji temple is one of the iconic historical sites provides royal and traditional air along with the imperial palaces. Besides, the Ginza of the city is similar to the Madison Avenue of the New York City. From this street of the Japanese-teen in Harajuku, international fashions get inspired. Tokyo offers world class cuisines hospitality such as Italian, French, Chinese, etc. Here is the chance of visiting the famous outer fish market named ‘Tsukiji Fish Market’.

Kyoto’s Golden Pavilion

The Golden Pavilion Temple (Kinkaku-ji) is one of the most famous travelers’ attractions in Kyoto and Japan. It’s a construction of the late Fourteenth century’s retirement and holiday home for Shogun Ashikaga. But, it burnt down in 1950 through an obsessed young monk. The temple was rebuilt as a copy after five years. The surrounding gardens and the building are in synchronization with one another. The gold leaves covered the pavilion and makes a reflection in the nearest pond and it reflect on the temple building.

Mount Fuji

Japan’s highest mountain is the Mount Fuji with 3,776 meters height. The exceptional symmetrical cone of the Volcano is a renowned symbol of Japan. This is a great tourist destination for art, photography, climbers and sightseeing. Among the 200,000 climbers to the Mount Fuji 30% are foreigners. Its ascent takes 3 to 8 hours and descent takes 2 to 5 hours.

Hiroshima Peace Memorial

For the haunting homage to the victims of the WWII atomic bomb, the Hiroshima Peace Memorial was built. In the park of the memorial features, there is Genbaku Dome that’s the single building remaining in the locality after bombing. It reminds loses of huge lives and make honors to the unforgettable war victims. It also grows the inner humanity, seeing the devastating area.


Japan’s 2nd largest city and the greatest travel destination for business is Osaka is containing many international giant companies. But, travelers get more than business with the Osaka culture that focused on their foods. Actually, most of the visitors love to refer Osaka as the affordable dining bender in Japan. There are the packs of tranquility outside the city center providing the great way to release stress.

So, these are in-short, some excited modern & ancient fascination of top rated Japanese cities and places. Moreover, you can visit some other places, including Tokyo Imperial Palace, CHIBA, Himeji Castle and Jigokudani Monkey Park.



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