Ghost In the Shell – A Film of the Counter-cyber-terrorist’s fiction

The film Ghost in the Shell is a Japan based media franchise and it was published originally as a ‘Seinen Manga’ from the series of the similar name. Its Masamune Shirow’s illustrated and written movie. It was serialized under the subtitle of the “Ghost in the Shell” in 1989. But, Kodansha published it in his own ‘Tankobon’ volumes. The story is related to the counter-cyber-terrorisms named ‘Public Security Section 9’. The lead protagonist of the film is Major Motoko Kusanagi and the time was Japan’s middle of the 21-century.

Ghost In the Shell – A Film of the Counter-cyber-terrorist’s fiction

Production I.G is the animation studio has produced many kinds of anime adaptations of this film. It was starring in 1995 with the same name. About the story was said that investigation of Section 9 of the Puppet Master. “Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex” was the first TV series in 2002 with the alternative story and it was the investigations of Section 9 of the government corruption in Individual Eleven and Laughing Man incidents. The first sequel was released in 2004. The series gets recompilation in 2015 as a TV series. This is an animated feature film and most of the rising stars are working in it. An American live-action film of the similar name has come into the theatre on 31st March, 2017.


The story has set in the futuristic cyber-enhanced world. The main character of the film, Scarlett Johansson comes as the Major is responsible for stopping the biggest criminals of the world. The soldier devoted to stopping the most dangerous criminal of the world in the version of the 1995 anime.


Let’s go in the deep of the film. It’s possible to make an evaluation along the original anime. It went on the attractive, influential job in science fiction. Themes and visually predominant with new thought – the version of the 1995 was an animation of ground-breaking with manga and anime as well as was inspired from some blockbusters film life the ‘Matrix’ and ‘Avatar’.  This is a live-action of Hollywood films remade the big shoes to complete the gross understatement. The film was delayed with the Caucasian actress controversy when was selected as the depict Major. It was portrayed the character of Japan-original.

Fortunately, the main character, Johansson, was able to cope more off playing a sensitively layered and physically expert female lead. She played a distinct character as the Major, absorbing her with logic of robotic objectivity. Her brain is the only part of human being and all others are cyber-enhanced body. It was conflicted with her past when she began to get ‘glitches’ – the self-discovery of her becomes the main part of the film. This is not totally different from the original one that was the idea of the ‘ghost’ or the ‘soul’ was a philosophically wealthier place. It has left a diverse range of asking for its viewers about our humanity.

The credit of the film is mainly going to its effort to create a modern sequence inspiring from the cult classic, instead of frame-by-frame clone. That’s obviously commendable. Some of the iconic portions along with visual imagery are remade with the new narrative. That’s good as well. In addition, its CGI work, IMAX 3D viewing experience these are the enjoyable to the audiences.

Organic Make-up – Top 6 best Natural Make-up Products

Organic Make-up is getting popular gradually as the alternative of various harmful beauty products for women. Most of the current beauty skin products are severely dangerous to the skin, even they cause skin cancer. Moreover, they irritate the skin with various chemicals. But, it’s time to get rid of chemical make-up, instead certified organic make-up is safer to use for skin. They are produced without common preservatives and parabens. Certified organic make-up products are ethically sourced and produced. They come without animal testing and sometimes more expensive than common beauty products.

Here is a list of top 6 certified organic make-up products that available in the market.

1. Odylique Essential Care (Organic Mineral Lipstick)

The product is 86 percent organic and vegan. This is a long-lasting mineral formulated and not gets dry. Its natural moisturizing ingredients must be thanked. It contains natural jojoba butter and shea. This lipstick is dissimilar to the common one as it blends with lip instead of leaving familiar lines on the mouth’s edge. You can try ‘Fig Fondant’ one. The complement of color is full suits and lips smoky make-up of eyes for a more evening or gothic look.

2. Vapour Stratus (Instant Skin Perfector)

In the expensive end of the scale it goes a little bit long way. Its waxy glue glides s simply diagonally skin to form a radiant, dewy glow and a worm with its natural look. We got it an excellent primer sitting well behind the foundation. It helps to last a long time. The organics of the product are 70% organic and 30% essential oils along with minerals.

3. Inika (Certified Organic Liquid Foundation)

This is an ideal foundation for everybody providing full coverage. It’s made from 76% certified and pure organic ingredients. Its wet consistency sets rapidly and moves faster while applying. Its formula is ensuring coverage along with sits nicely under powder. It can produce the best heavier set with matte finish lasting up to evening out.

4. Lavera (Natural Mousse Foundation)

This natural product to make a creamy, light formula that gives a lighter texture after drying. This foundation nicely sits on the oily skin to create a finer matte finish. It can be applied with fingers easily to make a great option for those who like to feel on the go. It has three available shades such as honey, ivory and almond.

5. Ilia (Radiant Translucent Powder)

This is a follow-up of the ‘Ilia’s Fade Into You’ power. It’s a great choice for summer use as it contains SPF 20. This one is made of 40% organic ingredients that do not make your skin irritate. The design of the compact beauty tool to keep your handbags re-applied. It helps to control shiny skin with the excellent, lighter powder.

6. Green People (Mineral Powder Blush)

This is an easy applicable, deep colored highlights cheekbone along with greetings paler skin tones. Its talc-free formula makes easy layer and suitable for eczema and acne sufferers. The SPF rating of this powder is only 15 and gives you some extra protection for the sensitive skin. It comes in 2 different shapes – Peach and Rose.

All of these organic make-up products are free of added preservatives. There some other brands of natural make-up products, including NATorigin lengthening Mascara, Odylique Essential Care (Organic Mineral Lipstick), Inika Mineral Foundation Powder etc.

Benefits and Health Advantages of Cycling Regularly

Benefits and Health Advantages of Cycling Regularly is so much.To be healthy and physically fit, the benefits of cycling regularly are many. A regular physical activity like cycling helps you to protect from various serious diseases. Some of them are heart diseases, obesity, cancer, diabetes, mental illness and arthritis. A regular cycling is one of the best ways to reduce the risk of different health issues relating to the sedentary lifestyle. Low-impact exercise with health advantages of cycling that can enjoy all age’s people. Ride cycle to the workstation or to the shops is the most time-efficient methods to make it as a regular exercise in your routine.

Health Advantages of Cycling

Benefits of cycling regularly help you to keep your body well and fit. Some other health advantages of cycling:

  • Cycling requires only 2-4 hours per week to fulfill the requirements of general improvement to keep you healthy and fit.
  • It’s a low-impact exercise cause less injuries and strain.
  • Cycling makes a good muscle exercises as you pedal.
  • Cycling is much easier than any other sports and exercises; it does not need highly physical skills.
  • Cycling increases the levels of strength, stamina along with aerobic fitness.
  • Cycling needs a very low intensity.
  • Cycling is a time-efficient and replaces sitting.

This aerobic exercise, cycling, has many more health benefits, including cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength & flexibility, joint mobility, stress levels, posture & coordination. Moreover, it helps to strengthen bones, decreased the levels of body fat, prevention / management of disease, reduced depression and anxiety.

Benefits of Cycling for some Specific Health Problems

Cycling is the best and easiest way to get improved both physical as well as mental health problems. It can decrease the risk of experiencing various types of health issues. Some of them are below:

Obesity/weight control and Cycling

One of the best ways is to reduce and control body weight. It develops your metabolic rate, burns extra fat and builds muscle. Cycling and a healthy diet plan definitely helpful to cut additional fat / weight and keeps the chance of obesity far away.

Cancer and Cycling

Researchers have found the association of colon and breast cancer with exercises. They have recommended that cycling reduces the chances of colon or bowel cancer. Some of the evidence has suggested that regular cycling decreases breast cancer risk.

Diabetes and Cycling

The patients with Type-2 diabetes (T2DM) are increasing with the severe public health issue globally. It causes lack of enough physical activities are the main reason of developing the problem. Researchers suggested that cycling for 30 minutes daily can reduce the risk of diabetes 40 percent.

Mental Health and Cycling

Mental illness like anxiety, stress and depression could be decreased by regular cycling. It works with effective exercises for the body and cycles enjoy the riding under the open sky.

Heart disease and cycling

Heart (cardiovascular) diseases like high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke are associated with lack of regular physical exercises. Regular cycling gear up and develop your heart functionalities, circulation, lungs, reducing the risk of the heart diseases.

Finally, the benefits of cycling regularly are many. It’s related to various health issues. You can get relief from lower risk of many life threatening diseases like heart attack, stroke, diabetes, cancer and many more.

Video Game Movies That Worth Must Watching

Video Game Movies That Worth Must Watching.The history of video game movies is lengthy to three-and-a-half decade. These video game movies are inspired by arcade films. Among the famous films, many of them are obnoxiously odious. But, recently arrived Pixels, Misfires have obtained IGN rating 4.5 out of 5. Dashing amidst of the loads of canyons and mediocrity is about some game movies are absolutely pleasant. If you like watching entertainment video game movies check the best one from our list.

Some of the Video Game Movies That Worth Must Watching

As we have stated above, we are providing some video game movies that worth must watch. So, check the following list out and start watching your desired entertaining game films.

Wreck-It Ralph

The video game movie, Wreck-It Ralph, tells the story of a villain in the game got fed up taking of his grant. Here Ralph, voice of John C Reilly, got escaped from the cabinet of his game. He wandered the network connection to local arcade is quest to gain some respect. He was tired of being as a ‘bad guy’ with losing of the opponent of ‘good guy, Fix-It Felix (voice of Jack McBrayer). After decades of bearing in mind that all credit is going to Felix, Ralph decided to create some matters with his own hands. He made a trip of a game-hopping and it needs to become a hero of the trip. But, Ralph got a deadly enemy threatening to the whole arcade. This is one of the best game movies.


Kevin Flynn (voice of Jeff Bridges) is a talented computer engineer. He found that Ed Dillinger (voice of David Warner), the executive office of the company, is stealing his data and works. He is trying to hack his system. But, Flynn converts him into a digital world facing off against the computer likeness, Master Control Program, Sark etc. of Dillinger. He becomes the freedom fighter with the help of Tron and Yori. It’s a nice game film, you will like it.

Indie Game: The Movie

Personal expression with high level is shown in this game movie. It’s generally going as the independent games collected from 3 games’ concepts, including Braid, Super Meat Boy and Fez. This is a documentary video game movie. A Canadian film maker, James Swirsky as well as Lisanne Pajot, created this game movie. It has documented the struggles of Edmund McMillen & Tommy Refenes, the independent game developer. The consequential drama completely glows with heartbreak and sincerity. You need not to care about the games to pull it into the amazing story of laboring people to create better on their imaginings.

War Games

David LIghtman (voice of Mathew Broderick) got hacked into a military supercomputer innocently at the time of searching for some new games. He started playing a game, Global Thermonuclear War, and leads the computer to trigger the nuclear weapon store in the nation in the reply of the simulated danger as the Soviet Union. But, the clueless hacker, Lightman, comes to sense with his girlfriend, Ally Sheedy. They start finding a way to inform the authorities prevent the World War-III. This game movie is genuinely an entertaining thriller along with clever and brilliant ending.

These are some of the super-hit video game movies. You will get entertained watching these game movies. There are many more game films, including Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters, The Last Starfighter etc.

The Upcoming Best Play Station & PC Games in Computer 2017

The Upcoming Best Play Station & PC Games in Computer 2017 are going to set an example for the year. But, still much more are looking forward in the upcoming near future. It’s very rare in a year computer games are with strong along with multiple GOTY competitors in this year. Most of the computer games are coming with their upgraded latest version from the beginning to the end of this year.

Upcoming Best Play Station & Computer Games 2017

Some of the upcoming computer and play station games are with innovative ideas. Others come with highly predictable sequels along with definite dates of their release. Some others could be over some months away. But, whenever they come, we can’t wait to play them. Here are all of the upcoming computers and play station games:

Persona 5

The platforms of the Games are PS4, PS3.

Releasing Date of the Game is April 04, 2017.

The play station game Persona 5 is coming this year after a decade waiting revised from Play Station3 into Play Station4. It’s coming this April finally. The role playing PS4 game is still following the high school students having the supernatural powers among the vastly stylized world. This version of Persona 5 is representing a dramatic shifting tone in it. Moreover, Persona 5 dissimilarly follows a team of young cat burglars – flamboyant.


The platforms of the Game are PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

Releasing Date of the Game is April 11, 2017.

It got the biggest start up the successes of its first version in 2015. And this year, the colorful 3D platform is coming up to bring back the memories of the glee N64 collects-at-hone. Yooka and Laylee are replacing the bear and bird along with gorgeous landscaping.


The platforms of the Game are PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Releasing Date of the Game is May 5, 2017.

Did you miss the FPS Prey of 2006? So, get double fun and entertainment with same name. But, it’s coming with more realistic visual resolution from the Arkane Studio. This sci-fi shooting game has confined with the shadow-like aliens, shape shifting overrun space station. The protagonist of the game, Morgan Yu, has to fight next to of these attackers in a struggle to stay alive.

Star Trek (The Bridge Crew)

Platforms of the Game are Vive, PSVR.

Releasing Date of the Game is May 30, 2017.

This is a four players Virtual Reality (VR) game. You have a chance to play the game with the simulation of the Kobayashi Maru. In the game you can imagine various tasks of the bridge with the Enterprise along with your friends wander around. The game is looking extremely striking with a part of fan-service.

Tekken 7

Platforms of the Game are PC, PS4, Xbox One.

Releasing Date of the Game is June 2, 2017.

Tekken 7 is a Japanese arcade of much funny since 2015. It was taking more time to make its conversion to the Western cheer up. But, we must wait up to first week of June this to get this famous 3D fighting series. It’s taking back veterans from the ‘King of Iron’ against of some spiffy-looking newcomers like mother of Kazuya, Kazumi Mishima. She has performed as the literal tiger along with her best companion.

These are some of upcoming best play station & computer games 2017. These are just a glimpse of this year’s PC, Xbox, PS3, PS4, VR games. There are many more similar games to come this year. Some of the games are Injustice 2, The Surge, Rime, Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy and Splatoon 2 etc. So, guys, enjoy!