Are you feeling like you have absolutely no time to think about or plan the food that you eat every day? No time for the supermarket? No time to take care of your body, mind and soul? Chances are you are running on empty now …

Recently after taking part in a wellness program at a big office and meeting with the employees most of an expert saw them suffering from stress and the effects of bad nutrition. They come home late and had absolutely no time or energy to cook, so takeout was the way to go! De-stressing was eating a tub of ice-cream before bedtime or going out for a drink with friends. After his time with them, he put together a short list of things that busy people can incorporate into their day easily, things that do not require much planning and will have great effects on their health.

Keep your body fit with these 7 tips

Here are his 7 easy Tips for a Healthy Body

  1. Try to eat a small handful of raw seeds and/or nuts every day. If you’re going to buy anything from the supermarket to snack on, buy raw seeds and nut, try to avoid the chips and cookies!
  2. For healthy body eat fresh fruit two times a day. Change the color of the fruits like red, green and orange for example and any between grapes or berries, apples or pears and oranges or mandarins.
  3. Many of us eat out most of the time, so it’s important that we order right. As a rule of thumb, always have half your plate full with vegetables, and a quarter each of protein and good crabs. You need to choose vegetables in a variety of different colors like green, red, orange, yellow.
  4. Choose good sources of protein, and try to include oily fish such as salmon and tuna two times a week. Try to avoid red meat as much as possible; keep it to once a week (or less!), and choose very lean cuts.
  5. Until food becomes soft and almost liquidchew your food. This will help enormously with your digestion, and you will eat less!
  6. Try to be religious about your water intake. It’s the most vital nutrient, so make sure you consume 6-8 glasses of water a day. Need to cut your coffee and soda intake, and replace it with tea and vegetable juices. For exampleat a business lunch, you can order a Virgin Bloody Mary instead of a diet Coke, and tea instead of a coffee.
  7. Sugary and rich/fried food should be avoided, and keep away from the bread and butter basket at restaurants… save the calories for real healthy food!