Girls, Look gorgeous in this winter

Girls, Look gorgeous in this winter

Girls, Look gorgeous in this winter.In winter look your best as well, layer thin clothes and avoid the awkward bulkiness of heavy layers, says an expert.

Girls, Look gorgeous in this winter

Isha Gupta Tayal a fashion designer has shared a few tips to help you look fetching even in winter.

*Avoid the awkward bulkiness of heavy layers which comes with wearing oversized sweaters or sweatshirts by layering several thin clothes and you can seal in heat more effectively. Begin with a thermal T-shirt or tank top as a base layer, add a thin sweater which will function primarily as the barrier between your skin and the cold air.

* Make the final addition of a stylish coat or jacket after adding proper layers of clothing. A coat or jacket will serve as insulation from the cold fall or winter air. To choose a functional but cute coat, steer away from bulk puffer coats or skiing jackets.

In place of, seeking out tailored coats that provide the same protection in addition to a more flattering style.

* A considerable amount of body heat escapes through the head, so always try to incorporate a hat or head warmer, beanie to a fleece bucket hat to a slouchy beret that covers your head.

* whether you ultimately decided to put on trendy ankle-height shoes or a more protective option, consider not only the stylistic appeal, but also the functionality. Save yourself indecisive shoe trouble by committing to wearing only a few different pairs of boots in colder weather.

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