Ghost In the Shell – A Film of the Counter-cyber-terrorist’s fiction

Ghost In the Shell – A Film of the Counter-cyber-terrorist’s fiction

The film Ghost in the Shell is a Japan based media franchise and it was published originally as a ‘Seinen Manga’ from the series of the similar name. Its Masamune Shirow’s illustrated and written movie. It was serialized under the subtitle of the “Ghost in the Shell” in 1989. But, Kodansha published it in his own ‘Tankobon’ volumes. The story is related to the counter-cyber-terrorisms named ‘Public Security Section 9’. The lead protagonist of the film is Major Motoko Kusanagi and the time was Japan’s middle of the 21-century.

Ghost In the Shell – A Film of the Counter-cyber-terrorist’s fiction

Production I.G is the animation studio has produced many kinds of anime adaptations of this film. It was starring in 1995 with the same name. About the story was said that investigation of Section 9 of the Puppet Master. “Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex” was the first TV series in 2002 with the alternative story and it was the investigations of Section 9 of the government corruption in Individual Eleven and Laughing Man incidents. The first sequel was released in 2004. The series gets recompilation in 2015 as a TV series. This is an animated feature film and most of the rising stars are working in it. An American live-action film of the similar name has come into the theatre on 31st March, 2017.


The story has set in the futuristic cyber-enhanced world. The main character of the film, Scarlett Johansson comes as the Major is responsible for stopping the biggest criminals of the world. The soldier devoted to stopping the most dangerous criminal of the world in the version of the 1995 anime.


Let’s go in the deep of the film. It’s possible to make an evaluation along the original anime. It went on the attractive, influential job in science fiction. Themes and visually predominant with new thought – the version of the 1995 was an animation of ground-breaking with manga and anime as well as was inspired from some blockbusters film life the ‘Matrix’ and ‘Avatar’.  This is a live-action of Hollywood films remade the big shoes to complete the gross understatement. The film was delayed with the Caucasian actress controversy when was selected as the depict Major. It was portrayed the character of Japan-original.

Fortunately, the main character, Johansson, was able to cope more off playing a sensitively layered and physically expert female lead. She played a distinct character as the Major, absorbing her with logic of robotic objectivity. Her brain is the only part of human being and all others are cyber-enhanced body. It was conflicted with her past when she began to get ‘glitches’ – the self-discovery of her becomes the main part of the film. This is not totally different from the original one that was the idea of the ‘ghost’ or the ‘soul’ was a philosophically wealthier place. It has left a diverse range of asking for its viewers about our humanity.

The credit of the film is mainly going to its effort to create a modern sequence inspiring from the cult classic, instead of frame-by-frame clone. That’s obviously commendable. Some of the iconic portions along with visual imagery are remade with the new narrative. That’s good as well. In addition, its CGI work, IMAX 3D viewing experience these are the enjoyable to the audiences.

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