Why Eat Banana? Some Magical Health Benefits of Eating Bananas

Some Magical Health Benefits of Eating Bananas

Why Eat Banana? Some Magical Health Benefits of Eating Bananas.Add a banana in your regular diet and get so many health benefits along with better body functionalities. Bananas offer so many health advantages, including weight-loss, regulate healthy heart and bowel health, supplies vitamins and minerals for almost all body-parts.

Why Eat Banana? Some Magical Health Benefits of Eating Bananas

What does banana do for your body?

Bananas works from head to toe, including digestion, brain, heart, knee, joints, and skin; in a whole, supports all parts of your body. It keeps your body active providing stamina to stay fit for all kinds of performances like sports, daily routine job, and good health of housewives. We have selected Some Magical & Hidden Benefits of Eating Bananas along with top profiled activities:

High Fiber Content

The loaded fiber of bananas is for both soluble as well as insoluble. Its soluble fiber makes your digestion slow and keeps you filled for an extended time. For this reason, bananas are eaten at the breakfast very often that you need not to think about the meal sooner.

Weight Loss

It could be a challenging job to find some suitable foods for the purpose of weight-loss, but banana can be the best choice to select as the foods that you are looking for. Bananas contain natural seaweed that can help to craving your afternoon sugar. One banana of 6 inches contains at least 90 calories, which is ¼ of the calories that are supplied from a bar of chocolate candy.

Blood pressure

Bananas maintain the intake of low sodium to make your blood pressure lower, but the potassium intake is essential for the effects of vasodilation. The National Health & Nutrition Survey has reported that less than 2 percent of American adults recommended daily about 4700 mg of potassium. Intake of high potassium also decreases risk of all kinds of deaths by 20%.


By eating a single banana everyday helps to keep your regularity. Your bowel movement will get regularity along with being soft to pass easily. You need 25 grams of fiber from 1800 calories and almost 10% of your daily fiber can intake from banana consumption, from a banana about 6 inches.

Heart health

Bananas contain fiber, Vitamin B6, C and potassium that all is supportive for a healthy heart. It increases the intake of potassium and decreases the intake of sodium that is important to reduce the risk of heart diseases.

Eye Health

Bananas also work for your eye health. Its little amount of vitamin A (Vitamin A is a fat-soluble) is important to keep your vision normal by protecting your eye health. Vitamin A is the series of combination of the compounds like alpha-carotene & beta-carotene. They preserve the eye membrane. Consuming of vitamin A daily also makes lower the risk of blindness and night-blindness and bananas can supply a good amount of vitamin A.

Moreover, banana peels are used to purify water naturally and it can clean your face free of dirt and oils rubbing on the skin. So, you can eat bananas for healthy bowel, heart, blood pressure, good eye vision, and many other Magical & Hidden Benefits of Eating Bananas.


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