Chromebook Pixel Review – Google’s Chromebook Pixel Still Great

Chromebook Pixel Review – Google’s Chromebook Pixel Still Great

It’s still running with great humbleness, the Google Chromebook Pixel, since 2015. Its beginning was hardly decent, impressive with cheap and plastic-ridden laptops leading the way. So, it’s not hardly difficult for flashier-something like Chromebook Pixel getting the crowd’s stand out. It gained best one’s title before two years, but what about in the current time of 2017?

Chromebook Pixel Review – Google’s Chromebook Pixel Still Great

Technology is advanced in last two years. After that, we have a worthy OS-powered devices from the Chrome popped up our shelves along with some beautiful nifty small things as well. Definitely, 2 years older one from Chrome is not able to come closer. But, the Chromebook Pixel is still not so slump. Its i5 processor with 8GB RAM and great performances are still offer something different that you’ll not get from many fresh boxes.

Some Great Features & Specifications of the Chromebook Pixel

It’s the torchbearer of the Google’s Chromebooks and a shining precept of how a laptop can be powered with stunning Chrome OS. Here are some noticeable features and specifications of the Chromebook Pixel.

Display with Touchscreen

It comes with a 12.9-inch and 2,560×1, 700 resolution display with touchscreen that’s undeniably the crowning feature of the Pixel. It has slightly unconventional 3:2 aspect ratio that’s obviously boxier than 16:9 ratios’ widescreen laptop. This one is well fitted to web browsing and its high resolution offers best quality detained images. You must search the best internal resolution settings for your comfort. It was a happy compromise in 1,440×956 getting menus and UI text perfectly smooth.

Touchpad & Keyboard

Its larger touchpad offers better use with a surface is coated of glass resisting the right level. The built-in gesture shortcuts into the Pixel made it great touchpad using experience. It also let you forwards and backwards navigation simply with 2 fingers horizontal swipe and change tabs with 3 fingers swipe. It also has a fantastic keyboard with chiclet sensible keys providing a comfortable typing for a long time.

Processor, Chrome OS and Performance

The Google’s Pixel comes with the Intel’s 2.2 GHz processor, core i5 and 8GB RAM. The flourishes and animations of the Google’s plethora OS delivers smooth media-heavy web pages full of animated GIFs as well as videos loading fast. Its lightweight OS runs thoroughly in the Chrome browser. Most of your familiar software is not available in it, but you perfectly make suiting web brows and Google’s documents editing along with other basic tasks.

Battery Life

Its processor is not draining on battery. It managed impressively 10 hours and 53 minutes in the video playback test, but it lasts longer while web browsing. Moreover, it gets charged within 15-minute plug-in providing 3-hours battery with Type-C USB3 connection. Look on the change level and you’ll be strangely pleased as its LEDs get glowing in the Google’s well-known color. Simply a double tap in its lid enables 25% increments of its LED glowing.


These are some of the reasons grabbing the Chromebook Pixel. It’s excellent in design with long lasting battery life offering a users’ pleasure to use. But, its responsive, slick Chrome OS is the greatest weakness. You can feel a force to work in the limitations of Chrome OS. In spite of some manufacturer weaknesses, the Chromebook Pixel is one of the great 2015’s laptops.

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