5 Tips to Decorate Your Living Room For The Holidays.New Year is knocking at the door. Christmas is also near. All these occasion are going to make you are home a total mess. Many guests will come to visit you in this vacation. You don’t want your room look messy to them. You want your room to be just as gorgeous as you. That’s why in this New Year eve we are giving away some of my favorite tips on how to make your room look amazing and cool in this winter vacation. So tips are…..

5 Tips to Decorate Your Living Room For The Holidays

  1. Try to warm, welcoming and cosy interiors. Don’t place couches and chairs along the walls, pull them near, around the centre table or wooden coffee table, this will give your home a cosier ambience.

If your living room is very big, fill the large gaps between tables and sofas with beautiful and colorful ottoman sets along with warm wooden tables. One can also add character to their home by using modern rugs and carpets that visually define the seating area and give a cosier vibe.

  1. Paint your walls with two-toned color and add a soft, warm touch to your living room. With this, you can bring warmth and depth to any room of your house. There are many warm color options like red, yellow, cream and orange. These colors resemble fire and evoke feelings of warmth. White and green can also be added as these will create a cheerful vibe. Though there is no need to color the entire home, choose neutrals, and floral pattern curtains, cushions, bed sheets or add freshness through flowers and wall art. This will also help you and others feel calm and blissful.
  2. Lighting is essential to give an immense interior style; it adds warmth and cosines to any space. During winter, brighten up your living room with small yet beautiful lights that will create a warm and radiant atmosphere. There are a variety of lights available in the market, but it’s important to get the light, right. You need to think about the space first and then decide on the style of lighting. You can go for soft mood lighting with a layered effect, table lamps and floor lamps besides ceiling fixed lights to make the living area visually appealing. And especially in winters, don’t forget to bring decorative yet attractive aromatic candles that will give a cosy yet comfort setting.
  3. Pick a fabric that suits your decor. A cable knit throw pillows, printed moose cushions are going to feel like sweaters, that gives comfort with style. Using a variety of textiles and patterns will also soften up your living room. The tiled flooring freezes your foot during winters, so to save your feet from the chilled floors either place something warm on the floor or throw rugs which will also add a comfortable vibe to the room.
  4. Take or pick some family photographs, put them together into an interesting frame and display it on your living room wall. You can also create a photo gallery and keep it on the coffee table, or fill the shelves with books, and souvenir items. While keeping furniture close, don’t forget the corners, fill the corner with wooden stands or keep a tall potted plant.