Video Game Movies That Worth Must Watching

Video Game Movies That Worth Must Watching.The history of video game movies is lengthy to three-and-a-half decade. These video game movies are inspired by arcade films. Among the famous films, many of them are obnoxiously odious. But, recently arrived Pixels, Misfires have obtained IGN rating 4.5 out of 5. Dashing amidst of the loads of canyons and mediocrity is about some game movies are absolutely pleasant. If you like watching entertainment video game movies check the best one from our list.

Some of the Video Game Movies That Worth Must Watching

As we have stated above, we are providing some video game movies that worth must watch. So, check the following list out and start watching your desired entertaining game films.

Wreck-It Ralph

The video game movie, Wreck-It Ralph, tells the story of a villain in the game got fed up taking of his grant. Here Ralph, voice of John C Reilly, got escaped from the cabinet of his game. He wandered the network connection to local arcade is quest to gain some respect. He was tired of being as a ‘bad guy’ with losing of the opponent of ‘good guy, Fix-It Felix (voice of Jack McBrayer). After decades of bearing in mind that all credit is going to Felix, Ralph decided to create some matters with his own hands. He made a trip of a game-hopping and it needs to become a hero of the trip. But, Ralph got a deadly enemy threatening to the whole arcade. This is one of the best game movies.


Kevin Flynn (voice of Jeff Bridges) is a talented computer engineer. He found that Ed Dillinger (voice of David Warner), the executive office of the company, is stealing his data and works. He is trying to hack his system. But, Flynn converts him into a digital world facing off against the computer likeness, Master Control Program, Sark etc. of Dillinger. He becomes the freedom fighter with the help of Tron and Yori. It’s a nice game film, you will like it.

Indie Game: The Movie

Personal expression with high level is shown in this game movie. It’s generally going as the independent games collected from 3 games’ concepts, including Braid, Super Meat Boy and Fez. This is a documentary video game movie. A Canadian film maker, James Swirsky as well as Lisanne Pajot, created this game movie. It has documented the struggles of Edmund McMillen & Tommy Refenes, the independent game developer. The consequential drama completely glows with heartbreak and sincerity. You need not to care about the games to pull it into the amazing story of laboring people to create better on their imaginings.

War Games

David LIghtman (voice of Mathew Broderick) got hacked into a military supercomputer innocently at the time of searching for some new games. He started playing a game, Global Thermonuclear War, and leads the computer to trigger the nuclear weapon store in the nation in the reply of the simulated danger as the Soviet Union. But, the clueless hacker, Lightman, comes to sense with his girlfriend, Ally Sheedy. They start finding a way to inform the authorities prevent the World War-III. This game movie is genuinely an entertaining thriller along with clever and brilliant ending.

These are some of the super-hit video game movies. You will get entertained watching these game movies. There are many more game films, including Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters, The Last Starfighter etc.

The Upcoming Best Play Station & PC Games in Computer 2017

The Upcoming Best Play Station & PC Games in Computer 2017 are going to set an example for the year. But, still much more are looking forward in the upcoming near future. It’s very rare in a year computer games are with strong along with multiple GOTY competitors in this year. Most of the computer games are coming with their upgraded latest version from the beginning to the end of this year.

Upcoming Best Play Station & Computer Games 2017

Some of the upcoming computer and play station games are with innovative ideas. Others come with highly predictable sequels along with definite dates of their release. Some others could be over some months away. But, whenever they come, we can’t wait to play them. Here are all of the upcoming computers and play station games:

Persona 5

The platforms of the Games are PS4, PS3.

Releasing Date of the Game is April 04, 2017.

The play station game Persona 5 is coming this year after a decade waiting revised from Play Station3 into Play Station4. It’s coming this April finally. The role playing PS4 game is still following the high school students having the supernatural powers among the vastly stylized world. This version of Persona 5 is representing a dramatic shifting tone in it. Moreover, Persona 5 dissimilarly follows a team of young cat burglars – flamboyant.


The platforms of the Game are PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

Releasing Date of the Game is April 11, 2017.

It got the biggest start up the successes of its first version in 2015. And this year, the colorful 3D platform is coming up to bring back the memories of the glee N64 collects-at-hone. Yooka and Laylee are replacing the bear and bird along with gorgeous landscaping.


The platforms of the Game are PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Releasing Date of the Game is May 5, 2017.

Did you miss the FPS Prey of 2006? So, get double fun and entertainment with same name. But, it’s coming with more realistic visual resolution from the Arkane Studio. This sci-fi shooting game has confined with the shadow-like aliens, shape shifting overrun space station. The protagonist of the game, Morgan Yu, has to fight next to of these attackers in a struggle to stay alive.

Star Trek (The Bridge Crew)

Platforms of the Game are Vive, PSVR.

Releasing Date of the Game is May 30, 2017.

This is a four players Virtual Reality (VR) game. You have a chance to play the game with the simulation of the Kobayashi Maru. In the game you can imagine various tasks of the bridge with the Enterprise along with your friends wander around. The game is looking extremely striking with a part of fan-service.

Tekken 7

Platforms of the Game are PC, PS4, Xbox One.

Releasing Date of the Game is June 2, 2017.

Tekken 7 is a Japanese arcade of much funny since 2015. It was taking more time to make its conversion to the Western cheer up. But, we must wait up to first week of June this to get this famous 3D fighting series. It’s taking back veterans from the ‘King of Iron’ against of some spiffy-looking newcomers like mother of Kazuya, Kazumi Mishima. She has performed as the literal tiger along with her best companion.

These are some of upcoming best play station & computer games 2017. These are just a glimpse of this year’s PC, Xbox, PS3, PS4, VR games. There are many more similar games to come this year. Some of the games are Injustice 2, The Surge, Rime, Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy and Splatoon 2 etc. So, guys, enjoy!