Best Laptops 2017 – Top Ranked Laptops Available Currently

Best Laptops 2017 – Top Ranked Laptops Available Currently

Best Laptop 2017: Before of just 10 years, the meaning of the best laptops was something long lasting and powerful with better specifications as well as comparatively pretty set of fans. The expectations are changed certainly since the iPad arrived in 2010. As a result, the near death-experience of laptops is developed more encouraged to survive. The tablets were thought to replace of laptops like the flagship products of the Apple. But, the tides are changed in recent years after the PCs get their form again. Even, they get embellished with their convertible designs with a light and thin in size or 2-in-1 laptop. Although, the battery-life of the laptops sometimes can’t meet the need, but this is the golden period for laptops right now.

Best Laptops 2017 – Top Ranked Laptops Available Currently

Top Ranked Best Laptops

However, there is deluge of wide selections, but getting the best laptops is not a hard chore. We are here to help you to complete your desired laptop. Here is a compilation of some of the best laptops that you can invest the money right today.

1. Dell XPS 13

Among the best ones, The Dell XPS 13 offers you investment of your money for present and future. It comes with the Inter Core i3 to core i7 with Intel HD Graphics along with 13.3-inch FHD Screen and 512GB storage capacity. This last year’s model of Dell reigns ultimate as the best one that could be your best buy. It offers a light and thin body with more than 7-hour long battery-life according to the video playing test. This one is Ultrabooks’ posterchild from Dell’s flagship. Its high-borderless design with InfinityEdge is marvelous. The memory, lighting-fast storage along with the processor of the Intel Kaby Lake has outfitted it nicely.

2. Asus ZenBook UX305

This is better option than the McBook with a part of the price. The ZenBook comes presents the Intel Core M3-6Y30 to Core M7-6Y75 processors, HD Graphics of the Intel with 8GB RAM, 13.3-inch screen along with capacity of 256GB to 512GB SSD storage. If you’re looking for an alternative of the Windows then get this one and it can increase your speed. It comes in a Cupertino design and superiors to the creations of the Apple in almost all the way. From the purple-tinged design of aluminum and the sharp display with a large built-in storage offers the similar style of the windows back, long battery life, fanless design, all are stunning.

3. Razer Blade Stealth

This one is a gaming Ultrabook that you’re waiting for long time. It comes with the processor of the Intel Core i7, HD Graphics 620, 8GB to 16GB RAM, QHD 12.5-inch Screen with the internal capacity of 128GB to 1TB SSD storage. It’s a brilliant Ultrabook that caught up its hard work in trying to be the best gaming laptop. It’s clear ahead next to its key competitors, price-wise, along with the latest Intel processor Kaby Lake.

4. Asus Chromebook Flip

This is charming premium Chromebook formula. It offers the Core m3 processor, HD Graphics 515, 4GB RAM along with 12.5-inch-FHD screen and capacity of 32GB to 64GB eMMC storage. Asus compiled skillfully its latest Chromebook flip. It also comes with gorgeous design, form factor of 2-in-1 and a feel-rich touch-keyboard.

So, these are some of the top ranked best laptops 2017 that are available currently. But, there are many more brands with quality laptops in the market. Be with us for our next update about some other best laptops, including HP Spectre x360, Samsung Notebook 7 Spin and many more.

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